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Christmas Day

Christmas Day for me is all about enjoying good food with people that I love.

My boyfriend, Mark, and I started the day by heading to see the horses. Meet Berlin & Neta!

We greeted them with a special Christmas treat parcel and lots of polos, which they were both very pleased with.

They are both ex polo mares and absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be doing some more posts on them!

Then we headed to my Mum & Dad’s to let the festivities begin!

Pigs in blankets….


Cauliflower cheese… (I will be writing a post using this recipe. It is out of this world!)

Roasties, turkey, sausage meat, sprouts, carrots, chestnuts, cranberry sauce the list goes on and on….

The Hotel Chocolat crackers were definitely a hit. Although a little more pricey than your average cracker, you are greeted with three delicious chocolates instead of a piece of crap plastic that will just go in the bin. Not that we needed any more chocolate, but you can’t have too much chocolate, right?

Needless to say that after several portions I was feeling pretty stuffed and definitely had a food baby. That is definitely the sign of a successful Christmas though!

Here are my presents, I’m feeling like a very lucky girl.

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