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Christmas Sandwich – Tesco ★★★

Christmas Eve! And my final Christmas Sandwich review for the year. I ate this yesterday, as Christmas Eve for us is all about eating a perfectly cooked glazed ham with fresh bread, cheeses, pates, crisps, chocolates… the list goes on! I will be doing another post later on our feast.

Since recently moving to Crawley, the nearest big supermarket to us is Tesco where we do tend to shop there when we need to get some extra bits. I used to shop regularly at Sainsburys and I have to say that there is a noticeable difference in that the quality from Tesco is poorer. It may be a little cheaper and more convenient which is how they keep their customers I guess, as they have so many stores.

Price: £2.80

Calories: 714 (This is for all three sandwiches though and would work out as 476 for two)

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Sausage, diced bacon, sage & onion stuffing and cranberry sauce

Amount of Filling:             ★★

Quality of Ingredients:     ★★

Taste:                                     ★★★★

I really liked the taste of this sandwich, which I think was due to the sage and onion stuffing which is my personal favourite, although some may feel slightly overpowering. There wasn’t much filling, as you can see from the picture and the diced bacon was pretty much non-existent. The quality of the ingredients wasn’t great. Personally I would rather pay 45p more and get the Marks and Spencers Sandwich which was my favourite Christmas Sandwich this year by far. 


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