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Christmas Sandwich – Wilkinsons ★

Today I went shopping to Epsom with my mum and we both managed to finish our Christmas shopping, which always feels like a major accomplishment. Now we can focus on buying all of the lovely Christmas food and treats!

Whilst out, I decided to buy a festive sandwich from Wilkinsons. I have never bought fresh food from them before and if this sandwich is anything to go by, I have to say that I won’t be doing so any time soon.

Festive Turkey Feast

Festive Turkey Feast

Price: £2.00

Calories: 472

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Sausage, Mayonnaise, Cranberry Sauce

Amount of Filling:          ★★

Quality of Ingredients:  ★

Taste:                                 ★

I am all for pigs in blankets with a Christmas dinner, but by adding a poor quality sausage to this sandwich has really not added anything positive to it at all. There was far too much mayonnaise which completely overpowered the non existent taste of the flavourless turkey.

I definitely won’t be buying this sandwich again and will be very dubious about buying anything fresh from Wilkinsons again.

On the up side though, the local crow enjoyed himself.

Crow Enjoying His Lunch

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