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End of January & February Plans

I haven’t posted for quit some time as firstly I had  friends staying and then we moved house. So life has been very busy and unfortunately my blog has been a little abandoned, but I am back now! Our new place is absolutely lovely and I couldn’t be happier.  

Here are a few bits that I have been up to recently:

 A beautiful walk in Kingswood, Surrey

                         Visiting Tilgate Park, West Sussex when the lake was frozen over

 Being a tourist in London 

 & of course dressing up and going out for good food and drinks!

February is always a bit of a funny month. We finally have money again after a long time with no pay check, but it still feels like summer is a lifetime away. At least I am starting to notice the days getting slightly longer! It is also the month of my birthday and valentines day – I’m hoping to go away somewhere nice for a weekend/city break but I don’t know where is best this time of year? Please comment below if you have any suggestions! 



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  1. I think Rome or Venice without the crowds would be particularly romantic, beautiful and interesting places to visit this time of year.

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