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My Three Slimming World Must-Haves

I hate diets. Luckily I know that there is a way of losing weight and getting healthy without dieting. Slimming World. You  can eat as much as you like of certain foods, can have treats daily and most importantly you never go hungry.


Here I have put together three items which I personally find essential when on Slimming World:

1. You can have 2 Alpen lights as a Healthy Extra B every day.


2. Cooking all of your meals from scratch can be quite time consuming. This is the slow cooker that I have got (It is £10 off at the moment!) and it fits so well into my plan as I can prepare dinner in the mornings and it will be ready to eat once I get in from work in the evening.


3.  As preparing is key, I find it really helpful to make my lunches for the week on a Sunday evening . These Lock & Lock boxes my mum recommended to me and I wouldn’t use any other brand as I know that my lunch isn’t going to leak all over my bag.


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