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The Best Sunday Lunch in Manchester

A big claim, but from my own experience very true. If you believe that you can find a better one then please do comment below and I will be there!

The best Sunday lunch in Manchester has to go to Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club. Forgetting it was Sunday, we tried getting into the Worsley Old Hall Pub but they were fully booked so we headed back to the hotel restaurant. They also were fully booked, but luckily one party hadn’t turned up so we managed to get a table. I had no idea what Sunday lunch would be like here but boy I was in for a treat!


The first course was a buffet. There were fish platters, cooked meat platters, pork pies, salads and pasta dishes, all of which were of very high quality. I could have filled myself up on just this but I had to control myself as we had lots more to come…

The second course we were served at our table and was a choice of pea and ham soup or butternut squash soup. I chose the butternut squash. I don’t usually order soup in restaurants as I think of them as quite bland but this was one of the nicest soups I have ever eaten. It was creamy, yet earthy with a slight spiciness.


The third course was a roast dinner buffet, although nothing like Toby Carvery.


The final course was dessert – my favourite. Although I felt as though I was going to explode, I still managed to squeeze in aCrème brûlée, banoffee pudding and some fruit.


Unfortunately I had no room left for the cheese board but I did have one of the best meals I had eaten in a long time. When we stay here again in Manchester, we will be eating here again for sure.

After our massive lunch was the long drive back down South. Definitely no stopping at McDonalds on this journey back!

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