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The Jeremy Kyle Show

Yes, I was on Jeremy Kyle.

Fortunately just in the audience though. I will be rather concerned if I ever end up having to be one of the guests!


I first applied for audience tickets a couple of years ago and never heard anything back from them. The Jeremy Kyle Show is filmed in Media City, Manchester and I heard that they take preference over people that live in the Manchester area, so I used a friend’s address who lives in Greater Manchester.

Within 4 days I heard back from them.


Yay! The phone lines were extremely busy – it took a lot of persistence on my part keep ringing and ringing and not getting through. When I eventually did, they gave me a choice of two dates in 8 weeks time.

A couple of weeks before we were due to go on the show, I received an email saying that they were going to be filming the Christmas specials on the day that we were going, and that we needed to dress in festive clothes. I love Christmas and what a great excuse to get a new Christmas jumper!

They recommended that we arrived around 8:30am. I like to be early for everything, so we were there at 7:30. I believe that they invite more people than will fit in the studio so that each show is full, so you are let in on a first come first serve basis. Although it was a bit boring stood in the queue for ages, we were at the front so we would definitely get in and there were plenty of places in Media City to get some breakfast.

Once checked in, we were able to have a photo with Jeremy and Graham! Unfortunately this was the closest that we got to Jeremy and Graham.

It was funny seeing Jeremy Kyle off screen – you can definitely see why tickets are only for those 18+!

Our show was filmed in mid – November, so we did look pretty stupid wandering around Manchester in Christmas jumpers. It was a fun half day out though, something different and free! Although you may not admit to it, I know that all of you reading watch Jeremy Kyle in the mornings (and enjoy it too).


If you want to apply for tickets, you can do so by clicking this link

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