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Waitrose Cafe, Horsham

Welcome to my first Restaurant Review!

I love eating out, as I am sure most people do!
It is wonderful eating delicious food in a great environment, with somebody else doing the cooking and washing up.

There is nothing worse though than a bad eating out experience! From rude members of staff to unclean restaurants and bad food. Which is why I am going to review various restaurants/cafes around the country to show you where to go and where to avoid!

I am starting with The Waitrose Cafe in Horsham, which is on the top floor of the three story Waitrose/John Lewis (also mentioned in my Waitrose Christmas Sandwich review ).

The cafe itself is modern, open and clean. There is a very large variety of fresh foods, from breakfasts (served until 11:30am) to sandwiches and hot meals. All of the staff were well presented and very friendly.

I had warm halloumi with chickpeas, rice, salad, and sunflower seeds. It was delicious.

It had a gorgeous, warm, fragrant and fruity morrocan spiced flavour.

The salty halloumi had been grilled to springy perfection, which complemented the aromatic spices and freshness of the salad.


The only  negative was that it was slightly overpriced, but I wasn’t surprised as it was to be expected from Waitrose. I do find that other high street cafes are always overpriced too and not usually as fresh as the produce here.

I definitely prefer the Waitrose Cafe to popular high street Cafes such as  Costa/Starbucks/Nero and if I was out in Horsham and wanting a bite to eat for breakfast or lunch then I would go out of my way to visit here.

If I was watching my spending I would avoid going here, but I would also avoid high street Cafes and stick to making my own food or buying lunch in a shop.

I also had a rocky road as I can’t resist chocolate – it was delicious!


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  1. All looks particularly delicious. I didn’t know about this branch of John Lewis so I shall have to take a trip to do some shopping and eating I think.

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